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Planet and Farmshots Satellite Pasture and Cover Evaluation (SPACE™)

Planet has again partnered with FarmShots to power a next-generation agriculture solution for Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC). LIC’s Satellite Pasture and Cover Evaluation (SPACE™) service uses daily satellite imagery from Planet and field analysis software from FarmShots to measure pastures. We are very excited to collaborate with Farmshots on this innovative approach to pasture management.

Using satellite imagery to accurately estimate pasture cover, LIC customers are able to better plan where to send livestock for grazing and make the most out of their grass.

This technology is a first for New Zealand and has not been previously commercially viable due to the frequent cloud cover over the country. Planet’s ability to capture images daily effectively counters this issue and provides farmers – via FarmShots advanced field analysis technology – with timely, accurate assessments of their pasture cover.

This collaboration allows farmers to make more informed decisions around grazing, fertilizer and overall feed management – a giant leap forward for pasture management.

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