Many civilian applications of large and small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are being discussed, including transportation of cargo, air taxis, small package delivery, power line surveillance, agricultural survey, and medical supplies delivery.  However, the infrastructure to enable and safely manage the widespread use of UAS aircraft does not yet exist.  NASA, in its UAS Traffic Management (UTM) research, has been exploring how small UAS could be controlled.  NASA has also been developing and testing methods for integrating large UAS into the National Airspace System and new projects are being planned to investigate on-demand mobility and other future aviation concepts.

The various classes of UAS will need adaptations of traditional air traffic management to ensure safe separation from each other and from manned aircraft.  However, UAS will also require services that have been traditionally provided by airline operations centers (AOCs) to manage commercial aircraft fleets.  This includes flight planning, flight following, weather avoidance, equipment monitoring, maintenance, load management, and crew scheduling.  These services are currently provided by various specialists located in airline AOCs.

There is a need to build awareness about fleet management services in the UAS research and development community in order to ensure successful deployment.  To this end, a one-day workshop will be held to familiarize NASA researchers and the aviation industry with the roles and capabilities of current AOCs.  Following this will be presentations and discussions of how AOC services (or fleet management) could be applied to large and small UAS operations and future air vehicles.  There will also be presentations on NASA work on UAS and new aircraft systems.

Registration is free.

If you have an interest in presenting, please contact us:

Dr. Richard Mogford, Research Psychologist, NASA: [email protected]
Cody Evans, SJSURF Research Associate, NASA: [email protected]
ake Zelman, Vice President, Information Technology/UAS Rep, ADF: [email protected]

Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2017, 9am-5pm (agenda TBD)
Location: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA (In Silicon Valley)
Building 152, Room 171
200 Bailey Rd.
Mountain View, CA  94043

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