AgroFly SpUAV 1.2 entering production in Q1 2018

AgroFly SpUAV 1.2 entering production in Q1 2018

AgroFly developed – and patented – the first certified (in Switzerland, other countries pending) and assessed high-precision agricultural spraying UAV platform. Bringing the right amount of product at the right place on the crops doesn’t only protect plants efficiently but also in an eco-friendly manner. AgroFly’s target is to revolutionize plant protection treatments by bringing the right product, at the right time, at the right place!

AgroFly is a Switzerland-based company who developed the first crop-spraying UAV system certified by the national authorities (civil aviation, agricultural, public health & environmental authorities).

Scientific assessments were conducted together with Agroscope, the Swiss institute for agricultural research (noise, application homogeneity, nozzles configuration), University of Geisenheim (ISO 22866 drift assessments) and Syngenta Global – Crop protection / Application Technology department (quality deposit, drifts). Mr. Didier Ançay, our in-house agronomist with international experience, conducts R&D on the spraying parts while Pr. Dominique Genoud leads the Technical department.

Trials and assessments were made on:

  • vineyards
  • colza
  • gardening (asparagus, celery, etc.)
  • greenhouse shading

We’re now fine-tuning the final production model which will be delivered as following:

Standard AgroFly SpUAV 1.2 including:

  • SpUAV 1.2 frame (hexacopter with motors, ESCs & propellers)
  • Agricultural Flight Controller
  • Transparent tank with level sensor
  • AgroFly patented spraying ramp
  • Set of nozzles adapted to the crops
  • Pesticide pump (5L/min – 8 bar)
  • Futaba T16SZ radio-control system
  • 2 x AgroFly PowerRack
  • 1 x charging station
  • SpUAV drone port (to avoid spills and facilitate environmental-friendly refill operations and field deployments / mandatory in Switzerland, meets national environmental standards)

All our SpUAV have a specific S/N, come with a warranty and a dedicated online maintenance and status control platform. Paperwork (agronomical assessments and complete technical files + agricultural calculation tools) are also included + flight & maintenance training at our location. We can also move to customers location to provide the training.

Options to the Standard system are:

  • D-RTK (centimeter-precise GPS)
  • D-RTK ground station with industrial tripod
  • Microwave radar system (ground following)
  • Simple Ground Station -> needed on more complex and uneven plots
  • AgroFly patented grape-zone spraying device (for vineyards)
  • Nozzles kit -> depending type of crops you want to spray
  • Nav-lights (for night operations, if permitted in the country of intended operations)

The BASIC version is priced CHF/USD 49,500.00 F.O.B. (including flight, ops and maintenance training at our facilities). We’re still preparing the « Options » and « Accessories » price list.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or Mr. Marcel Rieder (, our sales/marketing manager if you need more information.