The XRay UAS has been built from the ground up to deliver extremely high-quality data collection in a wide range of operating environments.

The airframe features full composite construction, including Kevlar fiber control hinges for rugged performance. The high strength to weight of the materials ensures optimum flight efficiency and durability in use. It’s design is optimal for cutting through wind gusts to ensure the most stable platform. Extremely rugged, low profile landing skids enable landings on rough surfaces including pavement.

The entire XRay system has been designed to be an intuitive and user-friendly tool for autonomous data collection. Designed for fully autonomous missions and surveying, it can also be flown in an assisted manual mode. It is an ideal platform for quickly covering areas of 100 to 1000 acres per flight with high resolution data capture.

The XRay UAS is built in an AS9100 manufacturing facility in the USA.


Wingspan 54”

Length 24”

Total payload capacity 4 lbs

Empty weight 3.5 lbs

Cruise airspeed 38-45 mph

Flight time 80+ min

Up to 1000+ acres per flight (@400′ AGL operation)

Autonomous flight

Intuitive flight planning

High resolution mirrorless camera

Field set up 5-10 mins.

Operate in winds up to 30 mph

Rugged composite construction

Kevlar hinges

Complete systems from $10,800

The XRay can be purchased as a standalone airframe with no avionics, or as a fully integrated system with GCS and all accessories required for aerial image collection.

Complete systems include:

Single or multiple AV’s
GCS tablet and software
High resolution camera
RC radio
Flight battery and charger
Portable launcher
RTK GNSS (optional)
Long range telemetry (optional)

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