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Liftoff Named as Official Game for the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA)’s 2018 Drone Racing Series and 2018 Challengers Cup

BELLEVILLE, Mich. – The International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) has announced that Liftoff, developed by LuGus Studios in Belgium, is the official game for the 2018 Drone Racing Series and 2018 Challengers Cup. Liftoff, the largest drone racing simulator, will feature IDRA race tracks from multiple marquee professional and semi-professional competitions. In addition to making IDRA track elements available for the community to design custom courses, Liftoff will host four online tournaments via official IDRA race tracks to further promote the sport and grow the community.

2018 Schedule: https://www.idra.co/schedule

“We are thrilled to expand IDRA’s partnership with Liftoff,” said Justin Haggerty, President and CEO of IDRA. “Online games and simulators have become a great medium to give pilots, racers and hobbyists, the opportunity to practice and test skills in a virtual setting. What we see as Liftoff’s greatest value is in the introduction to first-time users and assisting organizations like IDRA grow the international community. The game is a safe and extremely effective way to introduce the sport to spectators while maintaining the hands-on experience.”

“With Liftoff we’ve created a realistic and dedicated simulation platform for everyone who loves FPV racing,” said Kevin Haelterman, Co-Founder of LuGus Studios. “Our goal is to connect communities and bring people together in a fun virtual environment. We are excited to partner with IDRA and we’re looking forward to welcoming IDRA pilots to our thriving and ever-expanding Liftoff community. Furthermore, Liftoff could be a great tool for the IDRA organization to introduce people to our new sport and let pilots from all over the world experience IDRA races in virtual form.”

UAS/Drone racing is a worldwide sport that utilizes Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology to allow a new breed of innovators to compete on the international stage. There are roughly 100 drone competitions in the U.S. annually and 200 worldwide competitions, highlighted by races like 2016 World Drone Prix in Dubai and 2017 Dover Internationals at the Dover International Speedway with NASCAR.

About the International Drone Racing Association

The International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) is a for-profit association founded on the belief that competition drives innovation, and that drone racing is the next evolution of motorsports. IDRA believes in growing this awesome new industry by organizing historic drone racing competitions like the semi-professional Challengers Cup and professional Drone Racing Series. The IDRA’s core mission is to grow this amazing community of tinkerers, dreamers, and innovators.

Website: www.idra.co

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