Face Recognition Software for Drones Released by Face-Six

Face-Six, a global face recognition vendor announced today the release of its FA6Drone – a face recognition software designed to recognize people from drones (UAV’s).

 The Face-Six (FA6Drone) software allows drones to identify people from any range, provided that faces are of decent quality and have a minimal size (60 Pixels).

 “We are pleased to offer clients a very powerful tool for identifying people in the field and in the crowd. The new FA6Drone software can be helpful in the lookout for criminals and terrorists in the streets, in the search of missing persons, and in other surveillance use cases,” said Moshe Greenshpan, Founder & CEO of Face-Six. “It looks like it’s the first ready-to-use face recognition solution in the UAV market. I’m really proud of my team.”

Yesterday the company released a video demonstrating how its facial recognition software recognizes people from SkySapience’s drone camera.


In the video, the FA6Drone software identifies multiple employees simultaneously in a parking lot in real time.

The Face-Six software can work in a live mode from multiple cameras, and can also process recorded videos. The software comes with a pro version – designed for army and Gov agencies, and it also has a light version for private and home uses.

About Face-Six:
Face-Six is a global face recognition vendor, which develops and markets cutting edge facial recognition software. Face-Six offers ready-to-use solutions to the government, commercial and private sectors. Its recognition accuracy can reach 99% with the right conditions, which are good lighting, good camera location and sharp image of faces.

Face-Six is also the creator of Churchix – a face recognition software for event attendance and T&A.