Fire Introduces an Infographic for Firefighting Drone Use Applications

Dronefly, a leader in commercial drone solutions has been working alongside officials to identify and develop solutions for fire fighting and rescue operations. Our goal with this infographic is to educate the public and other first responders on the many benefits of drones. These benefits include a quickly deployable aerial overview, a lower cost compared to manned aircraft, payload drop systems, and thermal camera payload options.

The Four Key Firefighting Uses

Scene Monitoring – Rapid aerial assessment of burning structures. See through smoke with thermal imaging cameras and identify hotspots.

Search & Rescue – Search over large areas of hard to reach land and identify missing people with thermal drone cameras.

Wildland Firefighting – Understand current fire conditions and reduce risk through better ground crew monitoring.

Post Fire or Disaster Assessment – Survey and map the scene to assess damage or to search for missing people.

“The application of drones to work alongside public safety agencies is the future as they have the ability to reach and see places where humans cannot. With cameras, payload drop systems and flood lights drones can be configured to assist ground crews in any situation. Why wouldn’t a public safety agency want to use this technology especially if it could keep fire crew safe, making sure they get home at the end of their shift?” said Robert Scott (Vice President of Business Development at

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