Americas Delivery Drones Featured Multirotor

Bell APT – Automatic Pod Transport

A very complicated looking transitioning delivery drone from helicopter manufacturer Bell was revealed in Fort Worth on Monday.

Speaking to Bill Hanna of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bell’s director of innovation, Scott Drennan said

“Bell can engineer, build, certify, field and maintain these vehicles in ways that some of these newcomers cannot,” Drennan said. “That doesn’t mean we ignore them. Our messaging was around what our core business is.”

I’m not so sure I share his confidence in their ability to innovate in this space, but who knows they might! They certainly have a direct line to the military and battlefield supply.

The motors on the tail sitting quad appear to move along with flying surfaces on the extended landing gear. Lots of moving parts on something that should be simple. I don’t think I have seen any other example of motors and control surface movement ina vehicle of this type.

N3143 might be the only one that exists, but perhaps its the only one that Bell has registered.

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