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Aluada Airspeeder manned multirotor racing

Manned Multirotor Racing, do I think it could become a thing? Yes I think it probably could.

I don’t like crowd funded drones as a rule, but I must concede to being impressed by the teams willingness to show failures in the journey so far.

After two years of development in a secret location in Sydney, Alauda is revealing the Airspeeder Mark 1, a new class of airborne racing vehicle unlike anything that has has come before it. The world has been talking about flying cars for years. We decided it was time to stop talking and start building. We’ve got this far but now we need your help. With you we can build a sport. We can get others building competitor cars. A whole new world of agile transport will develop.

Like any sport, we need to build a passionate community to drive it forward. We need you to help show the world that the enjoyment of head to head racing should not be bound by gravity. With a global audience, many other teams will rise to the challenge and begin to develop their own Airspeeder to race.

Collaboration and competition will ensure that the technology is pushed to its absolute limit, ensuring rapid development in the field. Will you join us and the Airspeeder community today and help fast track the first ever flying car race?

Its a very obvious idea and events could take place at all the already established race tracks around the world. The but for me would what flight controller would you trust to fly a person?

Yes they can all do it but does it make it right? Quite by chance we spoke about just this last night in our weekly Hangout Drone Stuff This Week.

Before our video rant, if you would like to find out more, have a look here.



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