The first solar logistics transport drone to cross the Atlantic in 2018

The various tsunamis, hurricanes and recent earthquakes that are affecting more and more populations have all deeply affected us by their violence and their steady regularity.

How can we intervene quickly and provide first aid to populations in need where traditional vehicles are no longer efficient?

Our own response: the Inti Solace

– The first solar logistics transport drone in the world by SLIDX

Developed by a multi-disciplinary and international team of volunteers, expert in their respective fields. We are engineers, visionaries & inventors passionate about innovative technologies and large-scale aeronautical projects.

The goal is not to demonstrate solar efficiency in emerging technologies or as a source of the vehicles of tomorrow but to arrive at a world-wide commercialization of solar unmanned logistics transport with a capacity of payload of 35kg and more, propelled by solar energy. That is our goal !

Our solar unmanned transport aircraft responds effectively and cleanly to this problem: it is able to intervene quickly in a disaster area difficult to access, provide first aid via an integrated man-machine interface, deploy an emergency network to medical personnel, rescue shipwrecked people in the open sea, protect endangered species against poachers and fight wildfires that ravage our Earth.

The Inti Solace will impose itself in the future as the appropriate solution because of its high level of technology and its high operational capacities enabling it to intervene in high risk situations.

Beyond its main mission, the Inti Solace will have a battery of sensor-sensors capable of collecting and transferring the environmental data collected during its journey. Enough to analyze over 6000km of marine and aerial environment! Our best major donors will receive secure and privileged access to the on-board camera of the aircraft in order to be as close as possible to this feat in real time.

Due to their international influence, several cities in Europe have been chosen to host the Inti Solace at the end of its journey. This will be the opportunity for us to arrive in Europe during one of the international events organized by one of these cities.


The first solar logistics transport drone to cross the Atlantic

Near the crossing, the Inti Solace will be offered to an international organization with a humanitarian goal or for the protection of the environment that Internet users will choose by a vote. In addition, 20% of the revenues generated by the first year of commercialization of our solar aircraft will be donated to charities chosen by us.

The Inti Solace team chose Kickstarter, a participatory financing platform to raise awareness among the general public and generate funding of Can$ 59,000 in 30 days.

The choice of participatory financing is a reflection of our desire to use all the innovations and alternatives of our modern society and thus to contribute together towards the creation and industrialization of the Inti Solace.

The Inti Solace team invites Internet users to join, share and support this visionary and innovative program that fully responds to societal challenges such as emergency medical assistance, civil security and environmental protection.

You are allowing us to accomplish this feat. You are investing for your future and that of generations to come!