FAI, the World Air Sports Federation, has chosen Shenzhen, China to host the 1st FAI World Drone Racing Championships in the first half of November 2018.

The FAI Executive Board decided to award the event to Shenzhen after a specially appointed committee evaluated the three qualifying bids from Albuquerque (USA), Barcelona (Spain) and Shenzhen (People’s Republic of China). FAI President Frits Brink announced the decision at the 111th FAI General Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Frits Brink said: “Congratulations to Shenzhen on its election to host the 1st FAI World Drone Racing Championships. I would like to thank Shenzhen, Albuquerque and Barcelona for participating in the bidding and evaluation process. In the end, the bid presented by our Chinese friends was the most convincing in terms of the scale and scope of their vision for the event. We are confident that they will organise an excellent competition.

“This is a truly historical moment for FAI, the world governing body for drones. As the first of their kind, the 1st FAI World Drone Racing Championships will be an incredible opportunity to showcase this booming new sport to the world. FAI members endorsed the event at the General Conference, attended by International Olympic Committee (IOC) President, Dr Thomas Bach. A global FAI Qualifying Series will further support the Championships from 2019.

“We will be working together with the organiser to stage a successful competition for the sport, the athletes and the spectators while promoting the city of Shenzhen around the world.”

Zhuoyue Yang of the Aero Sports Federation of China (ASFC) added: “Thank you for your confidence in us. We are pleased and honoured that the Championships will take place in Shenzhen.

“Shenzhen in southern China is one of the fastest developing cities in the world and is renowned for innovation, technology and international exchange. With the support of the government, we believe Shenzhen can stage highly successful championships.

“Drone racing is increasingly popular in China, especially among teenagers, and we are sure that hosting this competition will boost the development of this exciting young sport.”

About FAI

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), also known as the World Air Sports Federation, is the world governing body for air sports and for certifying world aviation and space records. The FAI was founded in 1905 and is a non-governmental and non-profit-making organisation recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

FAI activities include Aerobatics, Aeromodelling, Airships, Amateur-Built and Experimental Aircraft, Balloons, Drones, Gliding, Hang Gliding, Helicopters, Manpowered Flying, Microlights, Parachuting, Paragliding, Paramotors, Power Flying and all other Aeronautic and Astronautic sporting activities.

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