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DronesBench calibration example

Is that drone really fixed? DronesBench allows you to repeatedly test in safety.

DronesBench was created to give the drone industry the possibility to optimize the engineering and the quality of products, in order to assure greater safety. The principle of the bench is to fasten the flying drone to a secure surface connected to the iron frame by springs in series with force sensors. The energy parameters are monitored using internal sensors that measure electrical-energy parameters in total safety.

Read their latest Whitepaper on testing the Walkera Tali H500 test

After repairing a drone, DronesBench let you carry out a test to check up that IDB, drone weight and battery capacity are compliant with the working limits in order to issue a certificate attesting that the repairer has not modified the technical specifications of the drone permitted to fly. DronesBench is a project by Officina Droni, start-up of the engineer Mauro Pompetti (DPM Elettronica).



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