Telecom Technical College offers the Qualified Drone Cell Tower Operator (QDCO) is an entry-level certification into both the Wireless Cell Tower Industry and Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS or drone) commercial operations. The 122-hour QDCO Certificate course will allow the technician the ability to perform safely, understand the basic requirements, personal protective equipment, and tasks needed for both manual climbing inspection tasks and SUAS / drone aerial inspection elements of cell tower inspection work.  This program is designed to give an individual the opportunity of a career in the wireless industry as both a legacy climber and a drone operator.

Upon completion of the program, graduates should have the skills and licenses needed to begin or advance their career within the wireless industry, such as with the carriers, general contractors, and small business owners.

Core Curriculum Requirements:

Course Code Course Title Clock Hours
PT107OL Part 107 Online Preparatory Course 15
OSHA101 OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) 10
IW101 Introduction to Wireless 16
RF101 Radio Frequency Awareness 4
FACPR101 First Aid/CPR 5
PT107IR Part 107 In Residence Revision Classwork 8
SUAS101 Small UAS Ground-school & Simulators 8
SUAS201 Small UAS Flight Training (indoors) 8
SUAS202 Small UAS Flight Training (outdoors) 8
SUAS301 Small UAS Inspection Training 8
PT107X Part 107 Revision & Exam 4
SUAS401 Small UAS Business Considerations 4
PH101 Photogrammetry 24


To register for the course please contact [email protected] or 480-313-0678 Application for Enrollment link is below for the Qualified Drone Cell Tower Operator (QDCO)

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