Texo DSI Ltd fits G300a Optical Gas Imaging thermal systems

Texo DSI Ltd has acquired two G300a Optical Gas Imaging thermal systems. Integrated into our own custom-built, multi redundancy UAV platforms, the G300a can detect ten confirmed types of gas leaks and allow for rapid gas leak identifications.

Texo DSI Ltd are currently utilising two OGI systems (TEXO G.O.L.D SP1 & TEXO G.O.L.D DP2), operating within the industrial and domestic environment. Using a maximised gain on the G300a, gas leakage can be detected within the lower pressurised Domestic gas system, ensuring swift identification of leaking infrastructure and the subsequent repairs to be implemented.

Some of the detectable gas types are extremely hazardous and using the UAV allows for the removal of human operators near to the source during the primary investigation.

Our UAV delivery systems (TEXO G.O.L.D SP1 & TEXO G.O.L.D DP2) have been built to encompass a platform built to operate in some of the most safety conscious environments, with multiple redundancies beyond the basic accepted standards.

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