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Turn your passion into real-world operation and innovation.

As UAS rapidly transform businesses and industries, the associated risk must be identified, understood and mitigated where possible. This new course discusses risk management as it relates to UAS and also covers international efforts at addressing that risk.

Whether you are an amateur sUAS enthusiast or looking to understand the risk associated with commercial UAS usage, this professional education course will help you take the next step toward safe and effective application and exciting innovation.

Note: This non-degree course does not substitute for a license, degree, certification or required professional credential.

Key Topics
  • When: The course, sUAS 1300 will be offered again on Oct 16, 2017.  The course is six weeks in duration.   Estimated weekly work is approximately three to four hours, but may vary for each student.
  • Where: The course is offered online via Canvas.  It is a facilitated course.  There is a set start and end date.  Students will have weekly assignments to complete, but will not be required to logon at any set day or time.
  • Who Should Attend: Individuals from industries with interest in using or learning more about UAS Risk Management.  These industries include, but are not limited to: agriculture, public safety, mapping and surveying, filming, communications, logistics, conservation, construction, engineering, real estate, insurance, retail, safety and emergency management.  Amateur UAS users and enthusiasts would also benefit from this course.
  • Standard Course Fees: $399

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