Meet QuadSAT and their drone technology

Three new startups have moved into the Odense Robotics StartUp Hub located at the Danish Technological Institute in Odense. One of them is QuadSAT, a young team with big ambitions to radically change satellite communication using drone technology. Here you can meet the team –  the hub’s first drone company – and explore their vision for the future.

Who is QuadSAT?

QuadSAT was founded in March 2017 and comprises of a young, international team with broad experience within engineering and business development. They have moved to Odense to be part of the drone and robot activity centred around HCA Airport and the Danish Technological Institute.

Joakim Espeland is CEO, co-founder and the one with the idea behind QuadSAT. The Norwegian is a qualified radio frequency engineer with five years of experience within the maritime satellite communications sector. He also has experience with mechanics, electronics and automation.

Andrian Buchi, CTO and co-founder, is an R&D engineer with experience within drone technologies, rapid prototyping, control mechanisms, physics and maths. The two founders met each other while studying mechanical engineering at VIA College, Denmark. The team also includes Snorre Skeidsvoll, Sales & Marketing Manager, who is currently studying the integration of radio frequency technology.

What’s their technology?

QuadSAT is a startup developing a drone to test and calibrate satellite communication antennae within the maritime, aerospace and military sectors. The drone will act like an orbital satellite, simulating the motion of ships, planes and other vehicles. Unlike traditional test methods, the drone is designed to be used on-site where the antennae are manufactured or operated. This will make testing and calibration more cost-effective. QuadSAT’s vision is to become the industry test standard.

What’s their aim for the first year in the Hub?

QuadSAT’s first milestone is to develop and test a prototype of a drone with integrated technology. Then the team will develop a business plan and establish a network of suppliers, develop a setup for logistics and delivery.

What do they say about the Hub?

“As a team consisting entirely of internationals, we are amazed by the efforts and opportunities toward innovation and growth made in Denmark, especially around the city of Odense. We are very proud to be part of one of the world’s biggest robot clusters. The unique environment – the drone test centre, development facilities at the Danish Technological Institute and access to experienced business developers – can accelerate our development. We hope we can make a valuable contribution to the development of drone technology in Odense.”