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LEESHON AX-2 aerial survey UAV

I suspect a back to the future 2018 as people discover that battery tech is not quite there yet and they need to map more. Experienced model aircraft handlers will come to the fore as fettling petrol motors can be a black art. A skill not picked up at a pop-up drone driver school.

Batteries will catch up.

2m by length, 2.68m wingspan, mission load 6kg, max takeoff weight 22kg

The compatible design satisfied the need for easy transportation.

Integrated fuel tank with fuselage

The fuel tank is made of composite material, which is combined with the wall of the fuselage to reduce the weight of the whole aircraft.

Modulized design

The airframe inner design includes 6 modules:

1.Engine system、2.Power system、3.Flight control system、 4.Fueling system、5.Mission system、6. Emergency rescue system

Air pressure damping landing gear

The main landing gear is designed with the “air pressure damper” which can satisfy the requirements of energy absorption and vibration reduction of the aircraft landing ,and realize the effective protection of the airframe and the equipment ”

Technical Parameters

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