Flyability announces a new certification and training program

Lausanne, Switzerland, October 17th, 2017 – Flyability Ltd announces a new certification program meant to provide Elios owners with a way to assess the skills of their pilots versus mission requirements, and to give to the multitude of pilots, recognition for their skills at flying Elios.

Flying a collision resilient drone such as the Elios, in confined spaces, is not alike flying any other drone. It is a completely different flight paradigm that has its own set of technics and factors of influence such as light, surface reflection, dust, protruding obstacles, airflow turbulence, or size of openings.

Experience shows that the level of preparation of a mission has a direct consequence on its success. That is true of every drone mission and no exception is made to those performed indoor with Elios. To ensure efficiency and accuracy, a lot of consideration must be given to the assessment of a mission’s difficulty and the identification of the appropriate pilot to perform it.

For that reason, Flyability has put in place a complete certification and training program that brings drone pilots from discovering the particularities of piloting a drone indoor, beyond line of sight, to being experts able to perform the most difficult indoor inspection missions. Most importantly, the certification criteria test the pilots on their ability to assess the difficulty of a mission and put their own piloting skills into perspective.

“Making sure that every Elios pilot is properly trained and is conscious of his level of expertise, is a mission that we take very seriously,” says Charles Rey, Training Manager at Flyability. “Being able to assess the difficulty of an inspection and staff it with the right pilot is essential to maximize the savings that can be realized thanks to a well-prepared mission.” To promote that effort, the initial training that leads to the first certification level is included in the purchase of every Elios drone.

Based on criteria defined by professional pilots with extensive mission track records and in-depth knowledge of Elios’ deployment in the field, each certification level is directly built from practical experience and is applicable to real scenarios. The four certification levels gradually require more expertise and involvement from the pilot, and thanks to Flyability’s mission assessment matrix, a pilot can easily assess if he is sufficiently trained to perform a given mission.

As a pilot, holding a Flyability certification is the most effective way to get recognition for his piloting skills. For a drone fleet manager, it is an efficient way to ensure the success of all missions, know which pilot to staff on a given mission, and eventually maximize ROI while using indoor inspection UAV technology. Upon successful certification, a pilot is registered in a central database allowing Elios owners to query for pilots in good standing with Flyability certifications.

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