Mike Kahn CEO Yuneec USA resigns

Mike Kahn

(Updated 18:03 GMT)

Further change at Yuneec, on the very eve of Interdrone US CEO Mike Kahn, resigned.

Newly appointed Global CEO Michael Jiang was a keynote speaker on Wednesday. Mr Jaing was appointed Global CEO in June of 2017.

Yuneec have been promoting their long awaited H520 hexacopter and were sponsors of the Law Enforcement track.

When he joined Yuneec Mike had this to say.

“Yuneec has a great combination of the leading electric aviation products and a strong U.S.-based team with UAV, photography and technology management expertise. I am eager to join the team and lead the charge for Yuneec USA,”

I had noticed with interest that despite receiving $60 million in 2015 from Intel Yuneec were not part of the Intel Insight announcement by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich at Interdrone.

Earlier this year Yuneec USA laid off staff.