The first edition of the Dutch Drone Film Festival (DDFF) took place on September 8th, 2017, in VUE Cinemas Hilversum. The event was organized by media company The Broadcaster and with Peugeot as the main sponsor. Each video submitted had to be no longer than 4 minutes, consisting of at least 50% drone shots. In total, 80 videos were submitted in the following categories:

  • Sports & Cars
  • Abstract & Artistic
  • Nature
  • International
  • FPV
  • Dronie

The categories ‘Nature’ and ‘International’ proved to be the most popular categories. A jury nominated 3 videos per category, which were shown during the festival and a winner was announced for each category. Additionally, another winner was selected based on a public vote.

The Film Festival was part of a broader 2 day Dutch Drone Festival, with drone demonstrations, FPV racing, and interviews. The organizers intend to hold the second edition of DDFF next year. The winning videos in each category were:

Abstract & Artistic: A.I. Revolt, by Maarten Slooves


FPV: Flyboard School Amsterdam, by Chris de Graaff


International: The Hidden Islands, by Matthias Wesselink


Nature: Krakend IJs Breekt Niet, by Thomas Roos


Sports & Cars: Wakeboarding between flower fields, by Tim Burgmeijer


Dronie: Dronies compilation, by Cees-Jan Nolen


Public Vote Winner: Beautiful Bali, by Daan van Reijn

By Press