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Fetters AeroSpace Develops Design Concepts of New Heavy-Lift UAV’s

Fetters AeroSpace is a freelance rotorcraft development team that has designed and built more different types of both manned and unmanned rotorcraft than anyone else over the past 30 years. The founder, Mr. Dennis Fetters has spent the last 8 years as a freelance designer in China (the world’s hotbed for UAV aircraft development) and by now arguably has designed and built more different types of large UAV vehicles than anyone else.

His team has now begun designing a series of three different heavy-lifting gas and heavy-fuel powered Multirotor vehicles with payload capabilities ranging from 70kg, another with 335kg, and yet another multi-role Quadcopter with payload capabilities up to 1,200kg, allowing for detachable cargo pods, as well as an attachable piloted personal carrying pod-attachment.

Over the years Dennis Fetters and his design team were hired by various Chinese civil companies to develop specialty UAV vehicles, but now after gaining experience that could have only been obtained while working in China, has begun to introduce their services and designs to Western Countries.

For more details, contact Dennis Fetters at; [email protected]

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