Disrupt or Be Disrupted – An Overview from the 2017 Disruption Summit

Disrupt or Be Disrupted – An Overview from the 2017 Disruption Summit

On Tuesday 5th September, 450 delegates attended the 2017 Disruptive Summit in London. Disrupt or be Disrupted was the focus of this summit and how companies embrace and encourage innovation to help shape and grow their business.

Unmanned aerial systems can be used in many applications in a multitude of industries and would assist rather than replace an existing workforce, enhancing productivity and reducing risk.

So why innovate?

The nature of disruptive innovation in its true form highlights the fact that skill required to resolve the problem is well defined but the need of the identified problem isn’t. Consortiq is considered as a disruptive company in a disruptive industry – Leading innovators in drone and unmanned technology. We transform businesses through drone consultancy, drone training, hardware and software. Something many others can’t say.

Always look ahead and in-grain innovation into your culture! At Consortiq we encourage our employees to live to our values, a lot of what was discussed at the summit resonates with our ethos and culture.


Innovate in the Right Areas

When technology changes or innovation drives the market place, Never try to advance product or services or get better at things your customers don’t want. This is highlighted by professor Clayton Christensen in his book The Innovator’s Dilemma. PA consulting Group (Partnership company of the summit) CIO Frazer Bennett highlighted the importance of innovation and even he challenged what had already been established by the likes of Professor Christensen!

At Consortiq our safety management system software ‘CQNet’ is leading the market in flight operations management. With functions like, flight data logging and reporting, asset Management and flight planning all of which allows for simplified workflow – with this technology we are delivering what is needed for today’s operators and users.

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