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Crop spraying drone manufacturer Kray Technologies gets investment from CIG

CIG has reached an agreement on investment into Kray Technologies company, which manufactures Kray Protection industrial robotic cargo UAVs (drones) for spraying with plant protection products and regulators of crop yield growth. The company does not disclose the amount of investments, but it is known that 3 investors participated in the current round of financing.

Kray has developed its own drone for application of fertilizers, which is equipped with various sensors, for example, radar for dynamic definition of a relief, camera, GPS, etc. A software package was also developed for automatic control of drones.

“Agrarian business is one of the key areas for CIG investments. As with food tech, we believe in huge potential of the Ukrainian market. Now, Kray assembles drones in Kyiv ordered by the American farmers. However, Ukrainian companies are also considering the advantages of UAVs. We expect that mass production of drones will start in the spring of 2018”, said Vladimir Krivko, Managing Partner of Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG).

Kray will spend the raised funds into the production of contracted drones and preparations for the launch of the first series. “The American market of agrarian drones is very large, and our offer is unique – both in terms of cargo capacity and in terms of speed and efficiency,” said founder of Kray Technologies Dmitry Surdu. – “But we also believe in domestic market demand, the Ukrainian landowners already request the demo shows”.

Kray Protection drones have the highest productivity, loading capacity and speed in the class. The UAV helps to bring about 70% of types of plants protection means and growth regulators used in farming. Use of drone allows to increase the productivity due to more accurate and standartized application of pesticides, and to avoid trampling the crop with ground sprayers (damage can reach 4% of the crop), and to reduce the efficiency of agricultural aircrafts on the edges of the field. The weight of the drone is 35 kg, and the speed of the flight can reach up to 110 km per hour, one drone can process about 500 hectares per day.

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