ARPAS-UK last chance to submit your response to EASA

Special Edition Chairman’s Blog: last chance to submit your response to EASA
I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to know that this will be the last time I talk about responding to the EASA NPA, as the deadline is on Friday. So as a final push, I’m focussing solely on a roundup of the NPA in this week’s blog.

What the NPA is all about?

You might still be wondering why new EASA regulations have any impact on the UK, given our Brexit negotiations. Most countries world-wide are or will be adopting similar regulatory structures, so it was inevitable that the UK would follow suit. For a short and simple summary, see the notes that Paul Shelley provided for us back in July: HERE.

Your Response Could Make a Difference

Many of you have expressed concern about non-PfCO holders undertaking commercial work. Under the current EASA prototype rules, there is no differentiation between commercial operators and leisure users. This is one of the key issues we need to try to influence, and it’s not too late to take just 15 minutes to submit your response by 15th September. Here’s a step by step guide:
It could be the most valuable 15 minutes you could spend ……..

ARPAS-UK Submits its Corporate Response to EASA

The ARPAS Committee has worked hard to make it quick and simple for you to submit a response. However, that has taken much time and effort, and ARPAS-UK submitted a full and considered corporate response to EASA on 12th September. If you would like to look at it, you can find the full response here:

What happens now?

Do we sit back and wait? No, definitely not. We’ll be speaking to CAA about the issues and exploring potential future roles for ARPAS-UK. We’ll be putting some actions in place ourselves. We’ll be looking to influence and input on Standard Scenarios. In short, we’ll be continuing our efforts both home and away for ARPAS members.
Dylan’s forthcoming September Newsletter will hold some more details, so be sure to look out for it, it will be hitting your Mailboxes very shortly.

I wish you a good week ahead, and if you have a flying window, then Fly Smart, Fly Safe.

Perran Bonner
Chairman, ARPAS-UK