Zephyr Drone Simulator to Streamline SkyOp, LLC Drone Pilot Training

Zephyr Drone Simulator to Streamline SkyOp, LLC Drone Pilot Training

Little Arms Studios, a leading developer of professional-grade simulation solutions, announced a strategic partnership with leading UAS training provider, SkyOp, LLC. The partnership will deploy Little Arms Studios’ Zephyr Drone Simulatorthroughout the SkyOp commercial and consumer drone training network which serves much of the Northeastern United States. Zephyr’s unique Learning Management System makes it the preferred solution for SkyOp instructors looking to oversee each student’s development both inside and outside the classroom.

The Zephyr Drone Simulator includes a progressive curriculum of training modules equally suited to novice and veteran sUAS pilots, making it the preferred solution for colleges and universities, public safety and disaster relief agencies, as well as numerous professional flight schools training commercial drone pilots. For SkyOp instructors, it was Zephyr’s real-life flight physics and proprietary Learning Management System which were key factors in the decision to partner with Little Arms Studios.

“We’re excited to be working with Little Arms Studios to bring the Zephyr Flight Simulator into our instruction workflow,” said Brian Pitre, co-founder and managing member of SkyOp. “We’ve beta tested the product and watched it come alive. Its enhanced graphics, dynamic training scenarios, active flight physics and Learning Management System are unparalleled in the industry today.”

The Learning Management System enables instructors to easily manage the training curriculum and interact with students outside the classroom all while seamlessly tracking their individual lesson progress, flight skill proficiency, federal regulatory knowledge and more. With the detailed analytics reports from the module, instructors can quickly and easily pinpoint the skills that require improvement for each student. As a beta testing partner, SkyOp instructors were essential in the development of the module’s capabilities.

“Over the past year, SkyOp played an integral part in helping us develop Zephyr into the most feature-rich sUAS simulator on the market,” said Kyle Bishop, CEO of Little Arms Studios. “We are excited to officially make our partnership public and continue working with the SkyOp team to bring new features to the platform that will keep Zephyr on the leading edge of drone simulation technology.”

For more information about the Zephyr Drone Simulator, including its customized enterprise packages, please visit: https://www.zephyr-sim.com.

About Little Arms Studios

Little Arms Studios, a rapidly growing company headquartered in Manassas, Virginia, is a leader in providing cutting-edge drone and public safety training simulators, customized mobile apps, and software solutions involving gamification, 3-D modeling and augmented reality features for enterprise customers. Little Arms Studios is backed by Rezon8 Capital & Advisory Group, a Virginia-based private equity firm.  For more information on Little Arms Studios, visit http://littlearms.com. For more information on the Zephyr Drone Simulator, please visit https://zephyr-sim.com.