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Welcome to new ARPAS-UK Legislation Director

Jon Parker, Legislation Director, ARPAS-UK, has stepped down due to friends and family health issues. Jon remains a loyal member of ARPAS and we hope to see him at the next AGM.   The ARPAS-UK Committee would like to thank Jon for all his work and support during his tenure.

Rupert Dent, who was one of the candidates at this year’s AGM, will be stepping in to fill the Legislation Director role until the next AGM.  Rupert co-founded AM-UAS Ltd (now Bridgeway Aerial Ltd) in November 2010 and has been the Managing Director and Accountable manager since.  Bridgeway Aerial Ltd is an RPAS operator with a focus on the railway, solar, environmental and construction sectors.

Previously the Accountable Manager and Managing Director of Air Medical Ltd., the UK’s largest fixed wing air ambulance operator, in his earlier career Rupert was a Director of SBC Warburg and then SG Investment Banking.

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