Saxon Remote Hummingbird Elite 48 megapixel multispectral camera array


Saxon Remote Systems a Kansas based company was awarded a contract in Jan. to design, build and integrate a 48 megapixel multispectral camera array for Visual Intelligence. This sensor will revolutionize the UAS Industry

The Hummingbird Elite will do the following:

  1. The Hummingbird Elite will integrate with nearly any multi rotor system capable of carrying a five-pound payload.
  2. Produce 2-pixel relative accuracy with similar absolute accuracy using control or GPS.
  3. Precise positioning utilizing RTK GPS quality available.
  4. Multi axis gimbal provides a stable platform for increased accuracy with minimum control.
  5. Lowest cost to obtain wide coverage and high resolution simultaneously.
  6. Scalable to multiple resolutions and spectral bands

Hummingbird Elite Standard Configuration

  • Four 12 MP Cameras
  • Gimbal Integrated with flight controller
  • Flight Planner Software
  • Ground Station for Image QC and Analysis

The new Hummingbird Elite is a multi-camera payload designed to produce ultra-high resolution and pixel-level position-accurate products from its patented array technology. Now you can use or customize camera arrays to accomplish any mapping project including:

  • Engineering Survey
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Precision Agriculture (Multi-band)
  • Telecom Site and Tower Analysis
  • Mapping (Ortho, DSM, Contours)
  • Insurance Catastrophic/Claims Support
  • Building Inspections

For more information, please email us at [email protected] We anticipate this system hitting the market around the September time frame. For demonstrations, please contact us at 316-847-8809