Martek Aviation appoints Andrew Patterson as deputy chief pilot


Martek Aviation are pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew (Pat) Patterson to the role of Deputy Chief Pilot for UAV Operations During a 17 year flying career, Pat has amassed over 2000 hours of rotary and fixed wing operations and has 850 hours of operating UAV’s in the +500kg category.

Pat’s operational experience includes; difficult terrain operations, extreme weather conditions, Maritime flight deck operations and risk management, making Pat ideally suited to assist the Martek Aviation UAV team in offering “Best in World” advice and solutions for a multitude of operational theatres. Operating UAV’s on BVLOS operations up to 200 km from a full fit control room and containerised GCS / relay stations, Pat performed various roles including airspace control officer, payload operator, operations coordinator, logistic and flight safety officer as part of a close knit team.

Martek Aviation CEO Paul Luen said “this is truly a team which is moving from strength to strength!”