Hangar’s New Drones in Construction Buyers Guide

Drones have been flying over construction sites for years, but have often been regarded as toys or seen as useful for only specific scenarios with high-technology needs, or perhaps to market sites with video or photos. Pilot programs continue to spring up, and technology is being introduced internally at a small scale in many companies, but legal, training, integration and compliance issues have prevented industry from seeing the scalable benefits of aerial data.

Now, with regulations becoming easier to work through, lower cost of hardware and data acquisition, and improvement of product offerings specific for industry, more and more companies are integrating drones into their workflows. So at Hangar, we put together an ebook to walk through the goals of these programs, overviews of the composition of various drone technology adoption types, and present a series of worksheets to help you organize the process, and decide on the right combination of programs for your company.

Why Did We Write This Guide?

We’ll be the first to admit, Hangar solutions are not perfect for every site or every company looking to incorporate aerial data. But we do consider ourselves experts in our technology space, familiar with the needs of the hundreds of companies we’ve worked with, consulted for and spoken to during our time in industry. Our clients want the aerial insights that drones provide, but have a lot of questions as to how to acquire and integrate them. As this technology rises toward mainstream adoption in construction, we believe it’s our job as proponents of the technology to help guide organizations towards the right solutions for them, whether that means using our solution or one from one of the many other excellent software or hardware vendors working to change how the world gathers and interprets data.

As with any new technology with the power to radically transform work-flows, the journey can often seem daunting. There are potential complications relating to regulations, certifications, vendor types, data systems and more. Add to that the disruption of internal company processes and systems, and the adoption of drone technology can get complicated.

At Hangar, we know that’s not easy, and that’s why we have put together this document, which we believe will be used not just when first exploring idea of integrating drones, but also again along the way as you begin to look at goals for your programs, and all the opportunities you have to take advantage of this new technology to save time, save money, and advance both your team and your company in the race towards digitization in construction.

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