Gaia 160 Hybrid, 5 hours flight time, 2kg payload

Are extended multi rotor flight times about to become a commercial reality? The Gaia 160 Hybrid could lift an entire Phantom 4 Pro for five hours.

Maybe that’s not such a clever idea, a Routescene LiDAR pod only weighs 2.8kg so you won’t make five hours but maybe four. That would be over 200km flown at 15 m/s. Lots and lots of LiDAR points.

In the past few months, Foxtech staff have been working on a secret mission that could totally change the drone industry, that is, The Foxtech GAIA 160 HYBRID. Foxtech GAIA 160 HYBRID is a reliable and long flight time multi-copter that is 10 times better than the old products. GAIA 160 HYBRID is a big hexacopter which uses high-efficiency motors and propellers and full carbon fiber light body, the most important feature is its onboard generator system.