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FirestormUAV launches Dronefax, a used-drone brokerage service

Dronefax is concept that extrapolates some of the positives from the automobile version but tailored toward brokering unmanned aircraft systems. I know you’re probably mumbling under your breath, but I’ve got Craig’s list! Sure, you could go that route, but I’ve always been leery of buying used drones, and it has been my experience that things bought off the Interweb are not always as advertised. Like new, and the other used car lot superlatives are okay when you’re looking for a project, but not so good when buying something that flies.

So, has DRONEFAX been monitoring these drones since the day they left the factory? No, what they do offer is the peace of mind of being inspected by an Aircraft mechanic. Is he doing a complete teardown and rebuild? No, but they are inspecting the brokered drone for signs of damage or abnormal wear and tear.

Great, the buyer is covered, but what about the folks selling? How many times have you heard “I bought the X when I should have bought Y and now and I am making payments on a $6000 hangar queen.” It turns out there may be a little bit more to the quick sale than meets the eye. Recently, I did a podcast interview with Unmanned Risk Management. He mentioned that something as simple as making repairs, including the mundane aftermarket propeller change, could open the prospective reseller up to liability for negligence! Make no mistake, this is aviation, and there are existing liability laws in place.

DRONEFAX drone transactions are insured and indemnify the seller from potential problems after the deal. How many people have sold drones that have had absolutely no changes, modifications or mishaps? Not many, on the other hand, how many drones sold by private parties that have been professionally inspected and indemnified from liability?

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