Drone app permissions, what did you agree to share?


We have all done it, the permissions pop up and we agree quickly to get what we want out of the app.

Just in my inbox, an offer to purchase customer data from the listed providers.

Interestingly I use three of the services and don’t remember saying I was happy for them to share, my name, email address and company details. I have a feeling the services might not even know this is happening.

This might be a scam. I will respond and ask how much this service costs.

If you have also received this email perhaps you could drop me a line. I would be interested to know how it is being spread.

Would you be interested in acquiring DroneDeployKespry, DJI, Datamapper, Airware, ArcGIS, AgDrone, senseFly, AgEagle, Precisionhawk, SkyCatch accounts for your lead generation, campaign, tele-calling etc?

Titles may be of your interest: Drone Engineer, Drone Operations Manager, Drone Maintenance Engineer, Director of Drone Operations, Head of Drone Projects, GIS Analyst, GIS Specialist, GIS Manager, GIS Director, GIS Coordinator, Project Manager, Spatial Data Analyst, Spatial Planning Manager, Director Survey and Mapping, Geospatial and Mapping Manager, CEO, Owner, Construction Surveyor, UAV Specialist, UAV Engineer etc.

List can be customized based upon your requirement (e.g. Job title, Verticals)

Information fields: Company Name, Contact First Name, Last Name  Job title, Physical Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, Web URL, Business email Address, Employee Size, Revenue Size, SIC Code, NAICS code, Primary Industry, Application using intelligence.

Please feel free to get back to me with your target criteria, if your criteria is different from the above mentioned applications let me know we have close to 5000+ technology installations.

I reached out to DSTW regular Joshua Ziering from Kittyhawk.io how they handle customer data.

“Kittyhawk works with industry leaders that require the utmost discretion from us. We don’t sell, license, or lend any of our customer data to anyone for any reason.

Kittyhawk does aggregate customer data in order to provide safety-based insights. For example, if we saw that a particular firmware version was correlated with an increase in “Loss Of Link” we would notify the customers affected by that problem. If we saw a drastic decrease in flight duration at high-density altitudes with a particular model of drone, we’d alert those owners. However, in deriving that information, we look at the entire data set — never just one customer’s.

By anonymizing and aggregating information, Kittyhawk can help make the entire ecosystem safer. We’re not interested in deriving value from who our customers are, we’re solely interested in providing value as the commercial drone operations platform of choice.”