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Amimon unveils their new drone racing camera

Amimon, the creators of wireless HD video technology with zero latency, is launching its new HX camera for the CONNEX ProSight system. The new native 720p60 camera will now include a 120-degree wide-angle view with customizable picture balance settings, enabling a fully immersive drone racing experience. The HX camera is compatible with existing CONNEX ProSight systems with a simple software upgrade.

Today, most drones come equipped with cameras allowing for FPV flight by having the pilot strap on goggles and fly the drones. However, many still use analog links between the cameras and goggles with lower video quality, which hinder drone speed and accuracy. Amimon’s wireless HD technology gives drone pilots of all levels the ability to fly their drones with FPV HD goggles with zero video latency.

The CONNEX ProSight system combined with the HX camera enables advanced FPV visibility for drone racing pilots, and is created to enhance video quality and significantly reduce transmission signal issues for the drone industry.

Amimon is also offering a new software upgrade for the CONNEX ProSight mobile application, including a spectrum analyzer feature, which together with the system’s receiver is able to:

  • Identify clean channels to prevent collision or unexpected diversions
  • Locate and map other Prosight/Analog users within a designated area
  • Provide user-friendly settings to set frequencies and visual preferences

“We are happy to announce the launch of our new CONNEX ProSight HX camera and app capabilities for racers everywhere,” says Uri Kanonich, VP Marketing of Amimon. “This camera will be a game changer for many drone racing pilots, making FPV drone racing a more inclusive sport.”

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