Air Traffic Control privatization checklist

Well done AOPA! We whole heartedly endorse their position.

I find myself getting increasingly annoyed by special interest groups with little to no actual in field RPA experience telling us what we need. Those groups tend to represent delivery drone and large-scale infrastructure inspection operators. Lots of money is being spent behind closed doors to lobby for privileged airspace access.

ATC privatization is just a front for pay to play flights, in app micro payments and a removal of rights for traditional aeromodellers.

Congress will be considering a vote this September on the 21st Century AIRR Act (H.R. 2997), which would remove ATC from the FAA and hand control of our skies to the airlines. AOPA’s checklist addresses both criticisms of the proposal and recommended policies to improve ATC.

One side of the checklist points out the flaws of this so-called “privatization.” Max B. Sawicky, an economist with the Economic Policy Institute, wrote that in the legislation “there are no entrepreneurs, no competition and no prices.” In the Fox News op-ed, Sawicky also implies there will be safety risks in removing the FAA from ATC. “It becomes less easy to determine responsibility for lapses in safety, and with airplanes, lapses in safety can be catastrophic.”

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