Aerodyne Passes 30 000 Assets Inspected Milestone

UAV service provider Aerodyne today passed three major milestones during an ongoing inspection for a major South East Asia Power Provider.

Aerodyne teams celebrated their achievement of passing 30,000 assets inspected, analyzed and presented through their award-winning Vertikaliti cloud-based solution. In the same week they also broke through both 11,000km of infrastructure completed and 11,000 man hours spent on the project.

It caps a remarkable start to 2017 for Aerodyne, with over 24,500 flight operations already completed across a wide range of industries around the world.

“We are extremely proud and excited with these landmark achievements. It is a testimony of the dedication of our well qualified team, and the disruptive manner in which our solutions are being used in real-world applications.” Kamarul A, Aerodyne CEO

Vertikaliti has been proven to be positively disruptive by automating and accelerating business processes by up to 400%, and reducing costs by up to 20% in the power supply sector.

It incorporates aerial robotics with artificial intelligence for analytics, prediction and optimization that will allow organizations to usher-in their Enterprise 4.0 initiatives painlessly. It also comes with built-in API allowing it to be plugged-in directly to clients existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.

You can meet the Aerodyne team when they officially launch their UK and Europe operation at the Commercial UAV Show 2017 London from 15-16th November.