Aerialtronics in suspension of payments

Aerialtronics in suspension of payments

Dutch multirotor manufacturer Aerialtronics are in suspension of payments.

This was confirmed by communications coordinator Katy Spring by email to sUAS News today.

“We are working with the trustee, Mark Aukema of RWV Advocaten. Together, we are working to find a sustainable solution for the enterprise”

An official statement will be released next Monday, the 21st of August 2017.

The Dutch insolvency code has three types of insolvency. Bankruptcy, suspension of payments and debt restructuring.

The goal of suspension of payment is to solve, if possible, problems of liquidity, through rationalization or restructuring or otherwise. Suspension of payment can be terminated if all creditors are paid, a private or judicial agreement is reached, or if the company is declared bankrupt.

Founded in 2012 Aerialtronics raised $4.09 of VC funding in 2013.

Surseance Aerial Group BVOn 11-08-2017,

Aerial Group BV Hodn Aerialtronics, Katwijk ( Zuid-Holland ) was granted preliminary surseance. As administrator is appointed Mr. M. Aukema . The insolvency number of this case is S.09 / 17/15. The (main) activity of Aerial Group BV is industrial design and design, photography, translation and other consultancy. 

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Gary Mortimer

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