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Survey UAS/RPAS/Drone Operations – Online in 5 Languages

This survey, which is aimed at the worldwide UAS/RPAS/Drone operator community is now available in English, French, German, Italian & Spanish.

This survey is an opportunity to make it possible for all drone operators to assure that their specific applications are taken into account.

The objective of this survey is to:

1- Identify the market sectors in which drone flight operations are currently taking place;

2- Quantify the mission purposes of the flight operations [Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) & Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)] currently taking place in compliance with the applicable national rules or regulations;

3- Identify the market sectors in which Very Low Level (VLL) BVLOS flight operations (below 500 feet AGL) are anticipated to take place in the near term (1 to 2 years);

4- Identify the market sectors where BVLOS flight operations at altitudes above 500 feet AGL are envisaged to take place in the medium term(2-5 years);

5- Quantify the flight mission purposes of the flight operations in the categories indicated in points 3 & 4 above in the medium/long term (2-10 years).


You are invited to contribute to this Survey on UAS/RPAS/Drone Operations.

The submission deadline is: 15 September 2017


All organizations contributing with inputs to this survey will be nominally recognized as “Survey Contributors” in the final conclusions and will receive a copy of the final conclusions.

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