MMC The One Stop Rental Solution for Industrial Drones

MMC The One Stop Rental Solution for Industrial Drones

Leading commercial drone manufacturer MMC has introduced their One-Stop Rental Solution for industrial drones in India and Asia. The company plans to expand the program across the globe, opening centers in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, and South Africa.

MMC is the industry leader in providing innovative commercial and industrial drone solutions to clients around the world. With their new One Stop Solution program, the company has resolved many of the practical barriers to widespread adoption of drone technology – creating a new model for the commercial drone market.

The Cost Benefit to Renting

MMC leads the market in high return applications for drone technology, such as mapping, inspections, power-line stringing, and surveillance. But while the return on investment for industrial uses is high, customers may hesitate to make an initial investment in a commercial drone before seeing what they can do. In addition, customers who may need drone technology for several different applications find that renting on an “as needed” basis makes more sense than investing in a fleet of multiple aircraft.

The decision isn’t only based on cost. MMC’s Lu Ling, VP and Managing Director of the Overseas Market, says that MMC recognizes the need to take on more of the burden of drone operation for their customers: drone maintenance, educating the end user, and setting up data analysis solutions.

“Investment in a drone program involves much more than the price of the drone. The client needs to hire engineers and pilots, and repair and customize drones,” says Ling. In addition to fleet maintenance, MMC’s One Stop Drone Rental Solution helps clients to convince their stakeholders of the value of drone technology – and helps them to set up the right data analysis program to get the benefits.

Professional Pilots – For Rent

It takes time – and the right staff – to learn to fly a drone for industrial applications. While some customers send their own pilots to MMC’s state of the art facility for training, others simply want the job done. MMC’s team of professional pilots specializes in commercial applications, combining expert flight skills with industry knowledge.

For companies without an expert pilot already on board, the One Stop Solution means that they get immediate benefits from their drone program – without the time it takes for hiring, training and licensing additional staff. MMC’s pilots have already gone through intensive training and have hundreds of hours of flight experience, allowing clients to focus on the results rather than the drone operation.

Fleet Management

As Ling points out, initial purchase price isn’t the only cost associated with investing in drone technology. There are costs in both money and time to maintain, repair, and keep up to date with hardware technology fixes. The One Stop Solution takes care of all of those issues so that customers can get the benefits of using a drone without any of the hassles. MMC takes on all of the costs for repair and maintenance – even crash repair. In addition, MMC will take on the cost of customizing the drone for customers, developing the right payload for their specific needs.

Operational Support

“Customers need data, not drones,” says Ling. “It takes a lot of time and money to develop the database, cloud software and reporting systems.” MMC’s trained staff will help train stakeholders on the right processes for getting the highest value from their drone program, and will deliver the data in usable form.

Putting it All Together

MMC’s One Stop Drone Rental Solution starts with a discussion about what works best for your business. MMC’s experienced team of pilots and drone engineers will help select the right drone and payload for your mission. After discussing the price and project details, MMC’s team will test fly your drone to ensure that it meets your specific needs.

After executing a rental agreement, MMC’s professional pilots will fly your mission and report back – final payment is made when the mission is complete.

“We want to make it so our clients just don’t have to worry about the drones,” says Ling.

For more information on MMC’s industry-leading commercial drone solutions, visit or call MMC’s customer service representatives at 86 755 8607 4603.