FlytPi – A Turnkey companion computer pre-loaded with FlytOS Commercial Edition


FlytBase, are on a mission to empower drone developers and help them accelerate development of drone applications. Over last few months, we have introduced a suite of products, including, FlytOSFlytSIM, web/mobile SDKs, FlytBase CloudFlytConsole. We have been working hard to improve the user experience to further simplify the drone application development process.

Releasing the Internet of Drones platform is a step in that direction. By offering industry’s first Drone-API as a service, we have opened up a new world of exciting possibilities.

One of the key concerns of our users has been the complex process of initial setup. Both, the software installation, and hardware setup, is quite time consuming. Simple things, like, an adapter to power the companion computer on a drone, are not easily available. To address this pain point, we are introducing a ready-to-use companion computer kit for your custom drones, the FlytPi Kit.

Here is a list of features and specifications of FlytPi:


  • Plug & Play Companion Computer. Hassle-free connection with the Autopilot.
  • Pre-loaded FlytOS Commercial Edition.
  • Supports both Ardupilot and PX4 flight stacks.
  • Pre-Installed FlytOS Sample Apps (See description below)
  • FlytConsole – Web based GCS.
  • Access to extensive drone APIs for navigation, telemetry and payloads.
  • FlytSDK for Mobile/Web applications.
  • Regular performance updates and bug fixes.
  • FlytSIM Simulator to test drone apps without drone hardware.
  • Priority Email and Chat support from FlytBase experts.

Add-on features:

  • Instantly connect your drone to FlytBase Cloud.
  • Real time access to drone navigation, telemetry and payload data over 4G/LTE.
  • Integration with 3rd Party Apps.
  • Cloud Simulator to test your applications.

You can order your FlytPi Kit on our store page.

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