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Dutch Public Safety Organisations Benefit From New DJI Training Programme


DJI has set up a new training programme for the development of civilian drones for public safety at the Technology Base in Twente, Netherlands. In preparation of the programme, DJI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Space53, the Enschede-based public-private partnership for developing unmanned systems. DJI and Space53 are planning to develop standard operating procedures for tactical drone applications within the public safety domain and infrastructural inspections.

DJI has been working relentlessly to highlight the benefits of drone technology for society at large. In March this year, DJI released the first-ever survey of lifesaving drone activity, finding that drones rescued at least 59 people from life-threatening conditions in 18 separate incidents around the globe. 38 of those lives were saved in the previous ten months alone.

Read more about the MOU here and the survey can be found here


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