Avoid George W Bush, Solent flight restrictions

Flight restrictions are in place until the 1st of August around the aircraft carrier George W Bush, that arrived yesterday in the Solent.

So just beware if you are tempted to go and get some drone footage of it.

If you want free access to accurate UK airspace data then I can’t recommend Altitude Angel highly enough. The CAA’s official app Drone Assist already uses their data. For a worldwide picture sign up for a free account at their site https://www.altitudeangel.com

Other data providers may not be offering a complete picture.

Knowing what is happening in the airspace around you is your responsibility. Ignorance is no excuse. I suspect the CAA will be watching YouTube and waiting to send some education pieces out this weekend.

YouTuber Terry Arnott would seem to win the prize for getting the first video up. The system he was using would not have shown any flight restrictions.

I am not convinced that his disclaimer absolves him of his legal duties.

The USS George HW Bush visits Stokes Bay in Gosport. DJI Mavic Pro Drone footage of such a big and beautiful ship.

To get the best out of the footage be sure to change the quality of the video to 1080p 

Caution was taken when flying as it was very very windy and its not a great idea flying a drone close to a United States Navy aircraft carrier. I was well over a mile from the carrier, the drone was always in my line of site and I was no higher than 120 high.