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Australian UAV Shortlisted for Telstra Victorian Small Business of the Year Award


In a sign of the maturation and professionalism of the sUAS industry Australian UAV (AUAV) has been shortlisted into the finals of the Victorian Telstra Business Awards, the most prestigious business awards in Australia. Established in Melbourne in early 2013 with two of the first Sensefly eBees to arrive in Australia, the service business has had four years of 100% growth year-on-year and continued profitability. “In recent months there has been a significant uplift in the adoption of the technology and this is being reflected in the size of the contracts we are now seeing flow through, the technology really has moved from being a curiosity and matured to a point of being business as usual” said Andrew Chapman, Sydney based Company Director. “The safety, financial and data quality gains really sell themselves, we are seeing the uptake accelerate at unprecedented speed”.

In the four years since the company was founded there has been a 30 fold increase in the number of commercial operators in Australia, yet only a handful have grown into successful business entities. “While on paper there has been a considerable increase in competition, what we are actually seeing is a raised awareness among clients and a move towards companies that demonstrate safe work, national reach, good data and customer service” said James Rennie, Melbourne based Director. “Our approach has been to work with one industry at a time and gain a deep understanding of how the technology can be applied to their needs. Whether that is forestry, waste, energy, mining, telecommunications or government, we start by understanding their requirements and hiring professionals that work in the sector”.

Being shortlisted for the 2017 Victorian Telstra Business Award is validation that the future is looking strong both for Australian UAV and the industry as a whole.

About Australian UAV
Australian UAV is recognised as the first Australian national drone services provider to the commercial and industrial sectors . With a dedicated team of operators they are servicing upwards of 250 blue chip clients in locations as diverse as Antarctica, Armenia, South East Asia and all corners of Australia. Established as a ‘data business that uses drones’ the focus from day one has been on the delivery of high quality data. As the business grows complementary work is being undertaken in software analytics, machine learning and airframe development. For more information on Australian UAV please contact [email protected] or visit the website at

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