ALTI UAS is seeking distribution partners

ALTI UAS is seeking distribution partners

ALTI is looking to expand our network of international distributors! We are seeking and aim to appoint international agents in various countries including Australia and the United States, with the goal to establishing a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.

ALTI is the world leader in small commercial and industrial VTOL (vertical take-off and land) unmanned aircraft and offers the most advanced systems available with it’s core product, the Transition already shipping out and flown around the world. The ALTI Transition offers endurance of up to 7 hours in an ultra compact, rapid deploy airframe, the ALTI Reach, planned for later 2017 will offer endurance over 20 hours and a payload capacity of up to 7kg.

The unmanned systems, or ‘drone’ industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world currently with projected sales of many billions of US dollars by 2020. The industry is still very new and offers massive potential for growth to companies and investors alike. ALTI has a very strong international presence, brand and identity with marketing across all the popular social media channels. ALTI recently exhibited at the AUVSI Xponential 2017 in Dallas, Texas, USA, the world’s leading unmanned system show, showcasing two Transition systems to excited visitors and clients.

If you are interested in this opportunity or would like more information, please visit our website and email us at