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US Tech Company DGS raise $8.5 Million Capital to manage spectrum for National Security


Digital Global Systems Inc.(DGS) delivers patented smart RF spectrum monitoring and management solutions for telecommunications, transportation, utilities, public safety, government and defense organizations. DGS is pleased to announce that, in a major vote of confidence in their technologies, it has raised an additional $8.5 million through the issuance of participating convertible preferred stock. This brings total investment since inception in 2013 to $16.8 million.

The DGS range of real-time Radio Frequency (RF) analysis solutions provide a uniquely powerful means of monitoring, analyzing and managing RF spectrum which can be used in two main ways:

  • By communications organizations to manage and improve spectrum reliability and performance
  • By defense and security organizations to identify hostile or illegal usage and locate threats

As noted by Fernando Murias, Chairman and CEO of DGS, “We have a number of exciting projects in progress and  this funding secures our ability to scale rapidly and ensure we fully meet the demanding capabilities that our clients rely on us to solve.” He continued, “We are now growing new geographies and additional market sectors because our clients recognise and value our ability to deliver unrivalled operational capabilities.”

The equity raise was led by Cleveland-based investment advisory firm Ancora Advisors LLC primarily through its private funds. DGS is also pleased to announce Frederick DiSanto has joined the DGS Board of Directors. Mr. DiSanto is Chairman and CEO of Ancora Advisors LLC.

“Society is increasingly dependent on wireless technology due to the exponential growth of smartphones, tablets and the Internet of Things (IoT), thus demands on bandwidth will continue to increase. In addition, we are seeing a growing use of radio spectrum for illegal purposes,” said Mr DiSanto. “Companies that can improve the quality of service for legitimate users, but can also help identify and mitigate threats, will play an integral role in improving our quality of life and keeping us safe.

DGS has developed unique capabilities to address the challenges of spectrum management today, evidenced by 28 issued U.S. patents in 3 years. These automated, real-time, intelligent analysis systems have also led to strategic alliances across multiple vertical markets, including defense, telecommunications, public safety and the government sector.

The continued evolution of LTE and the rollout of 5G demands efficient use of spectrum and telecom service providers require intelligent, real-time systems capable of monitoring their spectrum 24/7 to mitigate interference and continually optimize network performance.

Additionally, defense, security and cybersecurity has never been more important. Threats from UAV’s are increasing as drones become cheap and easy to acquire and modify for aerial assault. RF monitoring is a requirement for increased situational awareness for the warfighter, enhanced security at borders and points of entry, protection of critical infrastructure, stadiums and other high-risk targets.


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