Surrey Search & Rescue has now incorporated drones into their life-saving arsenal, thanks to advice dispensed by leading drone experts Consortiq.

Consortiq has a long and productive partnership with Surrey Search & Rescue, and continue to support them in the development of new and improved methods of finding vulnerable people faster and more effectively. As leading drone experts, the company offers a wide range of expertise including drone management, drone fleet management and training to suit the needs of all different workforces, helping them get the best out of their own drone fleet.

Consortiq has played a crucial, leading role in helping Surrey Search & Rescue add drone usage to their capabilities, including training their staff in implementing a drone of their own. In turn, the search & rescue team have been instrumental in assisting Consortiq with the development of their own search & rescue (SAR) course.

It is a long and fruitful partnership which includes the recent sponsorship of a brand new Volvo vehicle for Surrey Search & Rescue – and the implementation of a new First Response Vehicle (FRV) which now carries a state-of-the-art ‘Inspire 2’ drone with a dual camera system. This impressive piece of kit allows the pilot to focus on the aircraft while the camera operator is enabled to search for missing people on behalf of Surrey Police.

Ben Keene, Chief Business Development Officer said, “Drones have so many uses in so many industries, and Consortiq is enabling organisations to bring this capability into their businesses with public safety as a primary consideration.  Surrey Search & Rescue is the epitome of public safety, using drones to effectively provide an aerial perspective of ground operations gives the rescue effort valuable intel which can help reduce the time to locate casualties, potentially saving lives.  Collaborating with Surrey SAR has enabled us to design and implement specific courses to aid the emergency services utilise drones safely and cost effectively.”

As the busiest SAR team in Great Britain, Surrey SAR has their hands full battling against a heavily wooded landscape in which conventional methods of locating missing persons can be incredibly challenging.

As a 100% voluntary workforce, Surrey Search & Rescue are on call 24 hours a day, fighting against all weathers and all terrain to help locate missing people in the Surrey area. Providing a professional response no matter the time of day, they work tirelessly to minimise the duration a person is missing outdoors.

Thanks to their new vehicle, they now have increased capabilities which can help them to do this vital job with more speed and agility than ever before.

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