SpektreWorks Multi-Rotor Carrier Board for the Pixhawk Cube


SpektreWorks have a beta release of a carrier board designed specifically with multirotors in mind.

The primary purpose of the SpektreWorks Multi-Rotor Carrier Board for the Pixhawk Cube is to reduce the rat’s nest of wires and modules typically associated with a multi-rotor assembly. It provides built-in power distribution, redundant power supplies for the autopilot, built-in fail-over power selection, a separate payload power regulator, and many other features.

While this carrier board is geometrically optimized for quadcopters, X8 configurations, and octocopters, it provides connections for every function of the Pixhawk autopilot. Therefore, this board can be integrated into any vehicle type that is supported by the Pixhawk Cube, including all other multi-rotor frame types, plane, rover, sub, and antenna tracker.

User Manual

Features At-A-Glance

  • Up to 12-cell Lithium battery (50.4V)
  • 140A continuous current with 280A surges
  • Power and signal for ESCs conveniently located in corners
  • 12V navigation light power available at each corner
  • Built-in power distribution
  • Built-in voltage and current sense
  • Redundant power supplies for flight critical components
  • Payload connectors with resettable fuses for 5V, 12V, and direct battery power
  • Good power and error indicator lights
  • Built-in buzzer with volume control
  • Connectors for every function of Pixhawk Cube
  • Easily accessible PWM voltage level selector (3.3V or 5V)
  • Resistant to ground bounce on PWM signal
  • Connector compatible with standard ProfiCNC carrier board
  • Connector ports for debugging IO and FMU processors

NOTE: Pixhawk 2.1 Cube NOT included.


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