Solar Panel inspections with UgCS

Solar panels, like any other artificial infrastructure objects, require periodical inspections. UAV equipped with thermal camera is the best choice for inspection, as in most cases it saves costs compared to manned aviation and saves time compared to visual control with handheld IR camera. UgCS

Usually, photovoltaic (PV) solar panel field inspection requires use of two sensors – infrared (IR) and daylight cameras, to detect faulty panels which heat up because of connection issues, physical damage or debris.

To minimise time required for inspection usually both sensors (cameras) are used simultaneously requiring a drone with enough lift-off capability. Semi-professional drones with changeable cameras also can be used but this will require double amount of time – to enable survey flight first with daylight camera and then repeat the flight after changing to IR.

“Without doubt, the usage of UAV for area surveying or infrastructure inspection is time and cost saving. Continuous development of UgCS drone mission planning tools enables UAV professionals to customise each mission according to application requirements.”, said Janis Kuze, Sales Director at SPH Engineering.

Detailed guide of using UgCS Photogrammetry tool for solar panel inspection is published in collaboration with aerial inspection professionals Industrial Aerobotics.

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