Drobotron flying Billboard


Hello World! We are Drobotron – creators of the Flying Billboard Drone. We have created Drobotron to help customers promote their businesses in a completely new way like never before. Drobotron was designed to bring the world of digital content to the skies. Our Patent Pending technology seamlessly integrates a simple drone platform with a high resolution LED screen which can be viewed from any angle.

At Drobotron, our goal is quite simple: First, we want to develop and manufacture high-quality aircraft that you and your business can rely on flight after flight. Second, we want to give business owners a completely new way to advertise their brand by connecting businesses to a massive group of Drobotron pilots. These pilots are insured, FAA certified, and come from a background of operating drones safely.

Introducing our first aircraft: The Drobotron DL1200. The DL1200 drone was designed to be reliable, efficient, powerful, and easy to use. Drone operators will appreciate its simplicity in design, ability to easily break down for travel, and smooth flight characteristics. The DL1200 weighs in under 30 lbs, offers a 40″ x 10” full color Lumenix 360 Display Sign, and can be flown for over 10 minutes on a single charge.

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