Venture BioDrop 2017 Capability Expansion


Pro S3 is pleased to announce the release of additional capability to its Venture BioDrop System. Working on the success of the existing BioDrop dispenser that was deployed during summer 2016 to combat European Corn Borer using capsules containing Trichogramma brassicae  larve,  Pro S3 has developed three new dispenser modules capable of the controlled release of granules, pellets and liquid agents for targeted mosquito control using bacillus thuringiensis israelensis media (BTI).

We believe that as we enter the summer months after a relatively mild winter we will see a rise in demand for solutions for mosquito control in Europe and North America. Access to standing water in retention ponds, lakes, drainage ditches surrounded by vegetation make the use of biological control agent time consuming, difficult and dangerous said Mr. Daniele Camatti CEO of Pro S3.  The use of drones designed specifically for this task will provide mosquito control agencies with an additional tool to manage mosquito populations in urban areas and reduce the incidence of mosquito-borne disease. We see agencies and companies adopting this technology gaining a competitive advantage over their peers.

The Venture BioDrop unit is based on the proven Venture airframe and avionics with the inclusion of custom dispensers tailored to the control media choice of the end user. The system can be operate autonomously to disperse media along the edges of ponds or it can be flown manually using the built in visual navigation camera which allows the operator to see the drop area in real time and trigger the release of the biological control media into the water source.

For further details and pricing please contact:

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