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The Professional-Grade Intel Falcon 8+ System


The ability to capture data with drones has inspired businesses to disrupt traditional workflows in the pursuit of improved safety, cost savings and enhanced insights. Drones are especially adept at capturing large amounts of business-critical inspection and mapping data over a short period. Incorporating drone technology as a tool to complement existing professional workflows is not only a strategic business move, but allows companies to gain a competitive edge, increase efficiency and heighten productivity.

As part of Intel’s focus to pursue innovative technologies in the commercial drone space, my team and I are proud to announce the Intel® Falcon™ 8+ System is ramping production for the North America market.

Outfitted for industrial inspection and close mapping applications, the Intel Falcon 8+ drone is designed with safety, performance and precision in mind. By integrating advanced technologies into UAVs, like the Intel Falcon 8+ drone, they become indispensable tools, to be used in ways that will truly transform businesses and even help save lives.

Conventional methods of inspecting or surveying sites typically result in hours of downtime, revenue loss, delayed work and sometimes even an increased risk of injury when inspectors or surveyors need to access unusual or hard-to-reach places, such as cell towers, bridges and wind turbines, just to name a few. Deploying a drone to capture aerial data for the same purpose is safer and more effective – allowing the job site to continue in full production – and can take as little as 15 minutes. Because of its ease of use, drone technology can deliver high ROI from the first flight.

For example, oil rig inspections can be extremely dangerous, costly and time-consuming. By incorporating the Intel Falcon 8+ System into an oil rig inspection, businesses are able to transform dozens of critical tasks including aerial surveying/mapping, inspection, progress reporting, and collecting liability evidence, while increasing productivity and helping make their employees safer than before.

The Intel Falcon 8+ System sets a new standard for commercial-grade drones. It is stable and rugged enough to work in high winds, is designed with resistance to magnetic field disturbances for accurate data capture, and features electronic system redundancy, including autopilot and battery redundancies. The system also provides detailed images down to millimetre resolution, providing operators with tremendous opportunities to efficiently generate valuable aerial precision data – what businesses have come to expect.

Intel is working to evolve and broaden the use of drones via technology to make them smarter and more aware, to evangelise drone policy and regulation, and to demonstrate how drones can be used in productive and exciting ways – making the most amazing experiences of the future possible.

For more information on the Intel Falcon 8+ System and Intel’s work in the drone industry, visit Intel’s “The Airborne Revolution” site.

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